Here I am on a boat.
Here I am on a boat.

Hello, my name is Kenny Yang. I’m a WordPress developer, University of Michigan graduate, weightlifter, and Brazilian jiu jitsu(er).

I’ve been using WordPress for around five years now to build affiliate websites, client websites, and personal websites. My first website was a weight loss blog I created to document my weight loss journey in highschool. WordPress looked to be the perfect solution and it turned out to be.

Unfortunately I had to end the project to make time for other projects that brought in income. This led to building out affiliate sites to generate leads/sales for other companies. As I got better at building out the sites, I built up the confidence to develop sites for companies that needed it.

I attended the University of Michigan where I majored in Social Informatics however all of my WordPress experience is self taught. After classes I would spend my time building out my next WordPress site, getting better each time!

After graduating in 2012, I decided to focus my skills and become a WordPress theme developer who works with clients to build amazingly user friendly and quick websites.

I’m constantly evolving and getting better each day. Remember that weight loss blog I talked about? Here’s a picture that I still have from it. Viva La Evoluci√≥n!